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Rate Rebate Policy Guidelines and Fact Sheet – Rate Rebates

These Guidelines have been developed for Revenue Professionals SA (“RPSA”) as a tool and guide to assist rate revenue professionals when determining rate rebates under the Local Government Act 1999
These Guidelines assist in the assessment and determination of mandatory and discretionary rate rebates and in improving consistency in the application of the rate rebate provisions of the Act, across South Australian councils. 
These Guidelines provide: 
• the legislative rate rebate framework in South Australia;
• discussion on mandatory and discretionary rate rebates;
• creation of a council policy to assist in the assessment of rate rebates;
• delegations;
• an overview of rate exemption/concession/rebate schemes in the other States and Territories of Australia; and
• case studies. 
The additional fact sheet provides an overview of Rate Rebate Guidelines.
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Local Government Annual Rates Survey

The Local Government Annual Rates Survey for 2019 has been sent out by the LGA on Friday 6 September 2019.

As you will be aware, the LGA has been facilitating the annual rates survey since 2002 to provide relevant information on council rating methodologies and local taxation trends.

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