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Timing of annual property valuation data

Feedback is sought from councils on the timing of property valuation data from the Valuer-General.

The Valuer-General endeavours to provide valuation data to councils as soon as practicable in any year, after the formal valuation date of 1 January. In 2019 the Valuer-General is targeting Thursday 30 May as the final date for provision of this data, although many Councils will receive data much earlier, albeit subject to possible revisions by 30 May. Provision of data is staggered as it is not feasible for all Councils to receive data at the same date.

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Rate Capping Update

On behalf of all members, RPSA is closely following the developments in the progress of the proposed rate capping legislation. As members will be aware, it is a highly charged political issue and, therefore, is (as we expected) not progressing as speedily as other legislation because of the politics.

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Cash Advance Debenture Rate - Circular 27.8

Chapter 10 of the Local Government Act 1999 (Rates & Charges), includes use of the Cash Advance Debenture Rate. The LGA has been advised by the Local Government Finance Authority (LGFA) that the Cash Advance Debenture Rate as at 1 July 2018 is 3.6%.

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