RPSA Board

The RPSA Board comprises of up to 14 members made up of 4 executive positions and up to 10 board members. Election for board membership are held every year at the Annual General Meeting. If you're interested in participating or joining the board we encourage all members to register their interest with a member of the board prior to the next Annual General Meeting.

We hope our website will be a valuable tool in meeting the objectives of our organisation. Your input is vital in ensuring the site is dynamic, topical and interesting, as well as providing valuable and helpful information to its members. Your comments and suggestions for adding to, and improving the site, will be very much appreciated.
If you have any ideas, or suggestions for improvement, please let us know in the member’s forum. Remember that this is your site and we need your valuable feedback and input.

You can read the RPSA Constitution here:
pdf RPSA Constitution (1.17 MB)

pdf SAIRA Policy Manual (172 KB)

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