Revenue Professionals SA is an incorporated body that understands the challenges facing Local Government when responsibly collecting revenue, and the unique skills and knowledge required by revenue professionals. RPSA has a key role to play in support and representation of its sector. RPSA has set key goals and themes which include:
  • education


    Provide professional development opportunities through education and training.

  • Best Practice

    Encourage consistency of application and continuous improvement in rating function through “best practice” support and advice.

  • member support

    Member Support

    Provide support to rate administrators and member councils through accessible information and member services.

  • advocacy


    Represent and advocate on matters of importance for the benefit of the sector.

  • sustainability


    Ensure the long-term success of RPSA (including Board of Management) through sustainable and professional practices.

05 July 2022

Cash Advance Debenture Rate (CADR)

IMPORTANT Information for Rates Officers and/or Finance Managers from the LGA

The Cash Advance Debenture Rate (CADR) as at 1 July 2022 is 2.80%.

25 June 2022

RPSA Annual Conference 2022 - Edge of Tomorrow

Wednesday - Friday 10-12 August 2022
Adelaide Hills Convention Centre
145A Mount Barker Rd, Hahndorf SA

15 June 2022

LGA - Model Rate Notice Template 2022/2023

As you are preparing your Rates Notices for next financial year, please refer to the Local Government Association SA - Model Rate Notice Template for 2022/2023 for guidance.

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